Intrepid has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1989; when the company’s founders envisioned a style of travel that could benefit both travellers, and the places and people they visit.

Australians Darrell Wade and Geoff (Manch) Manchester were determined to make responsible, off-the-beaten-track adventures the new way to travel. No matter that their only aides were a typewriter, a kitchen table, and their passion for expeditionary trips.

Their belief that travel had the power to make a real difference was their driving force even back then. In fact, their first business plan included donations to communities before Intrepid was making any money.  

All those years ago, we could never have known the business would grow into the world’s largest provider of sustainable experience-rich travel; with more than 27 destination management companies, a not-for-profit foundation and 1,700+ global staff and leaders in 2022.

Our Journey

It was in 2011, in a strategic venture with TUI Group, that Darrell and Manch created PEAK Adventure Travel to deliver destination management solutions for the world’s leading travel brands.

However, in 2015 the pair agreed it was time for a conscious uncoupling with TUI. The independently-owned Intrepid Travel was reborn, with a renewed focus on the founders’ original vision to ‘Change the Way People See the World.'

We are committed to being a business that balances purpose with profit and championing responsible business practices that create value for all our stakeholders. 

Just like any good journey, ours is still going with twists and turns, new adventures and new friends along the way. And although we’re a bit larger these days, we’re still run by travellers, for travellers. And we always will be.