At Intrepid, we work hard to create immersive, authentic local experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. Here’s how:

Small group trips

Bigger isn’t always better. Travelling in a small group makes it easier to build genuine connections with the locals and other travellers. In fact, it’s a bit like travelling with a bunch of like-minded friends. Travelling in small groups means we can go places that larger groups can’t, have experiences beyond those in the shiny brochures and look beyond the tourist sights to really connect with a destination.

Locally immersive experiences

Our itineraries do more than just get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, seeing monument ‘C’ along the way. We include as many local experiences with the local people as possible. This could see us share a meal with a local family, an impromptu soccer game with school kids, or swapping stories around the campfire with a nomadic tribe. Whatever the destination, our travellers can be sure it is these experiences that will stay with them long after they’ve returned.

Our Style Of Travel

Feel-good adventure

We believe that with great travel comes great responsibility. The world is an incredible place, and we want to make sure it stays that way. Through our responsible business initiatives, including in the areas of wildlife conservation, supply chain and the environment, our journeys aim to benefit both travellers and the people and places they visit.

On the ground, we employ local leaders, and use local transport and accommodation wherever possible, to ensure a larger share of tourism money stays in local pockets. We also strive to create positive impact through environmental and social initiatives that consider the needs and best interests of local communities.

In 2002, we established The Intrepid Foundation to ensure our positive impact on local communities continues well into the future. Since its inception, the Foundation has distributed more than AU$12 million to over 130 organisations around the world.

We’re for everyone

We believe sustainable, experience-rich travel should be accessible to all. From adventures in the great outdoors, to trips with a softer landing (and more pillows), each of our tours has a different way of giving travellers an immersive local experience; no matter their age, budget or appetite for adventure.