As a global company whose driving force is to connect people through travel, it will come as no surprise that diversity and inclusion is close to our hearts.

We believe our strength as a team is in our differences; and we are about as diverse as they come. In 2022, our more than 1,700 office-based staff and tour leaders represented about 70 different nationalities, and a mix of races, cultures, sexual orientations and religions.

We recognise the barriers that can get in the way of attracting, retaining, and developing the best people, and we’re committed to addressing and combating these. Plus, we know from experience that tapping into the entire talent pool makes for a more effective and creative business.

To us, it's about more than hitting representation-based targets. It's about creating inclusive teams by fostering the equal and meaningful participation of all staff at every level.

Diversity and Inclusion

But we can always improve. That’s why we’re always aspiring to be better. Our current diversity and inclusion-based initiatives include:

  • Transparent reporting on gender balance across our organisation and at a management level 
  • A recruitment campaign to attract more female tour leaders in Morocco 
  • Signatory to the UN Global Compact Women’s Empowerment Principles
  • A requirement for both a male and female to sit on all interview panels, to ensure diverse perspectives and combat any unconscious bias
  • All staff have access to diversity and inclusion training, with a focus on disabilities, LGBTQI, gender and unconscious bias