Our Story

Intrepid Colombo (a.k.a PEAK Colombo) was started back in October 2012 to provide IT development services to the Intrepid (then PEAK) group. Since then we have grown fast and now not only provide IT development but also IT service support, Financial services (AP/AR/System), HR services as well as support services for back office Travel related processes. We have grown fast from a handful of staff to close to a 100 in a short period of time. We are proud to say we are fast becoming a centre of excellence for services within the Intrepid Group.

We are part of the Intrepid Group and a fully owned subsidiary of Intrepid Travel Private Limited Australia. As per our core values, we are a hardworking, fun loving company where passionate people can work together to grow the company globally. We encourage innovation and treat our employees and their ideas with respect. We want to play our part in helping our company deliver the best travel experience ever to our passengers.

Intrepid Group Colombo Team



Technology Services

Technology Services combines the traditional information & communication technology areas with business applications support, development, enterprise solutions and digital to provide a broad range of expertise working together to help you now and into the future. PEAK Colombo Tech services consists of four teams, Business Systems, Digital Services and Innovations team, Engagement Systems and Service Operations. Currently close to 34 staff working within PEAK Colombo Technology services department. Further, Business Systems team responsible for maintain and develop enterprise applications which are crucial for our business. Digital Services and Engagement Systems teams are responsible of digital marketing aspect and maintain develop Intrepid websites. Last but not least Service Operations team responsible for providing global help desk and infrastructure support 24X7 basis. We strive to deliver the best technology services to our business so all our brands, service areas and DMC can deliver the best travel experience ever to our customers.


PEAK Colombo Finance department consist of 20 staff. We provide services in Accounts Payable, Receivable, Treasury processes and reconciliations. We also assist Head office in preparing financial reports and providing systems support to all Navision users within the group.

Human Resources

Our goal ? It’s simple. We want to create the best employee experience ever! We’re a small team with big ideas to serve the Globe to improve the way we do things and maintain the business operations in Sri Lanka. Our HR team in Colombo delivers services to our existing staff in Colombo whilst catering to our wider business via the HR Services Centre. As we are a global business, we work closely with other teams in different regions on a range of HR tasks and processes. We like to think outside the box and see this as a career, not just any other job.

Travel Operations

Travel Operations department mainly consist of three teams, Sales Support, Product and Customer Operations. These teams provide the back office support for global business across all the regions. Travel Operations department handles all the pre & post trip requirements which needs to be fulfilled in all the services we provide across the group. We work as a centralized contact point for all the regions regarding the status of the trips and we provide the global support in any inquiries regarding the trips and additional services as well. In a nutshell Travel Operations department gets the passengers ready for their trips.

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