We know travel can be a significant source of global carbon emissions. That’s why we created our carbon management program in 2010, when we became the largest carbon neutral travel company. In 2020 we declared a climate emergency and committed to a seven-point action plan.

By declaring a climate emergency, we acknowledge the science that states we have one decade to address the climate crisis. Read more about our climate emergency declaration and plan here

In addition, we continue to manage the impact of our trips and offices around the world using Measure – Reduce – Offset carbon management principles:



We measure the main sources of emissions created on our trips from transport, accommodation and waste. In our offices, we measure our emissions from electricity, gas, waste, business travel and paper usage too.



We take a sustainable approach to our consumption and production. In our offices, we recycle waste and have introduced efficiency measures, including energy efficient light bulbs, digital conferencing and moving towards using renewable energy. On our trips, we use public transport where possible, stay in locally owned and simple styles of accommodation, and eat where the food has been locally sourced.  



We offset our carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits associated with a range of renewable energy projects. Our carbon offset projects include Gold Standard and Verified carbon standard certified projects, which bring additional economic, social, and environmental benefits, including habitat and biodiversity protection. For example, in Australia we are investing in savanna burning projects in the Northern Territory, which is also part of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Our journey in numbers:

Carbon neutral since 2010

42 carbon-neutral offices around the world in 2019

2,000+ carbon-offset trips offered in 2019

37,795 tonnes of carbon emissions offset in 2019

351,713 tonnes of carbon emissions offset worldwide since 2010

+AU$2.5 million invested into renewable energy projects since 2010