We know travel can be a significant source of global carbon emissions. That’s why we created our carbon management program in 2010, when we became the largest carbon neutral travel company.

We continue to manage the impact of our trips and offices around the world using Measure – Reduce – Offset carbon management principles:



We measure the main sources of emissions created on our trips from transport, accommodation and waste. In our offices, we measure our emissions from electricity, gas, waste, business travel and paper usage too.



We actively reduce the carbon emissions from our trips by using public transport, choosing energy efficient accommodation options, and minimising the number of flights included in our itineraries wherever possible. In our offices we recycle waste, along with choosing green power providers and limiting our paper usage at every opportunity.



We’ve offset more than 290,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions since 2010. We offset our emissions by investing in renewable energy projects. Examples include wind power projects in India, Mexico and Turkey, a solar farm in Mauritius, reforestation programs in Kenya and water filter initiatives in Cambodia.

Our journey in numbers:

Carbon neutral since 2010

29 carbon neutral offices around the world

1,500+ carbon offset multi-day tips

42,000 tonnes of carbon emissions offset in 2017

290,000 tonnes of carbon emissions offset since 2010

+AU$2 million invested into renewable energy projects since 2010