Responsible travel is about making choices that respect and give back to local people, their cultures, economies and the environment in which they live.

At Intrepid, we work to maximise the benefits created by tourism by employing local staff and leaders and featuring local suppliers wherever possible. We encourage our travellers to purchase locally-produced goods and travel in a low-impact way.

Every part of our business, from our global office staff to the leaders on our trips, plays a role in ensuring we deliver responsible travel experiences. That’s where our Responsible Travel Policy comes in.

Responsible Travel

The policy outlines our commitment to giving back to the places we travel, supporting communities, preserving the environment and protecting the rights of the most vulnerable. This includes practical guidelines for all of our leaders, suppliers and staff to respect cultural and religious differences and reduce their footprint on the places they go. 

Responsible Travel Policy

2022 Responsible Travel Policy Intrepid Global